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Awnings at Wild Mountain RV

Wild Mountain RV replaces complete shade and slide-out awnings, as well as replace just fabrics. 


(prices subject to change - updated Nov 2019)


Awning Fabric Replacement

- Standard Manual or Power (14' to 21') - $775 - $900

- Some awning fabrics are special order only (sometime double the price of a standard fabric). For example:

- Awnings with a metal weather shield

- Fabrics with LED strip

- OEM colour match

- Some power awning fabrics

- Certain motorhome awning fabrics

Slide-out Topper Fabric Replacement

- Fabric $20 per foot (white or black)

- Labour $300 - $450 per awning

- Some awning fabrics are special order only. For example:

- Awnings with a metal weather shield

- OEM colour match

Complete Shade Awnings

- There are many sizes, colours, options, and hardware sizes for awnings. Wild Mountain RV can supply and install your new awning ranging in size from 8 feet to 25 feet long. A standard 18 foot complete manual awning costs about $2100 (parts and labour included). 

- There are additional costs for special options (LED light strips), special awning arms (size or shape/curved), metal weather shields, black weather shields.

- Standard power awnings are approximately $1000 more than manual awnings.

- Many customers ask about upgrading their manual awning to a power awning. Many RVs were designed to have a manual awning, and do not have the sidewall support for a power awning. An inspection of your RV would be required to determine if this is an option.

Complete Slide-out Topper Awnings

- There are many options for Slide-out Topper Awnings. 

- The price for a standard white Topper awning (installed) is $725 (5ft) to $1200 (16ft). Some brands do not come with the awning rail to attach the awning to the side wall - this would be an extra charge depending on brand.

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