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RV Appliance Repairs
Wild Mountain RV Calgary Alberta


Trailer Appliance Repairs

RV appliances are essential to a positive camping experience. Our trailed RV technicians are able to diagnose and repair all trailer appliances or motorhome appliances. At Wild Mountain RV we are committed to repairing your RV appliances so you can get back to enjoying your time in the great outdoors. RV appliances are not like home appliances, and sometimes replacement is more cost affective than repair.


See below for some additional details about Motorhome and Trailer appliance repairs.

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Motorhome Appliance Repairs


If you are having issues with your RV Appliances, we have supplied some information below to help you get started with the repair process. If you don't see your appliance on the list, please contact our helpful customer service staff and we can answer your RV Appliance questions.

Holiday Trailer Appliance Repairs

Most Trailer and Motorhome fridges are either 2-way (110 volt and Propane) or 3-way (12 volt, 110 volt, and Propane). RV fridges can last for many, many years, but sometimes they will stop functioning or not cool to the desired temperature. When this happens Wild Mountain RV can diagnose your RV fridge and give you options.

RV Air Conditioners have limited options for repairs. If power supply is the issue, then our RV technicians can diagnose and estimate repairs. Unlike automotive Air Conditioning units, RV Air Conditioners cannot be "re-charged" if the cooling system fails (it is a closed / sealed unit). Therefore, most of the time when an AC unit fails, replacement is the only solution. Our technicians can test the cooling efficiency, power issues, thermostat issues, and estimate the costs to repair.

RV Furnaces have many operational steps it goes through when working properly to heat your trailer or motorhome. Our technicians have extensive experience diagnosing all furnace issues. Furnaces rarely need to be replaced and usually can be repaired. Because the internal parts of the RV Furnace need to be accessed in order to diagnose the issue, they need to be removed, bench tested, and replaced after repair. This process requires a minimum of 2 hours labour just for diagnosis. Always ensure you have tested your furnace under full RV power (plugged in) before seeking repairs, as most RV furnace issues are due to inadequate power supply (low batteries).

RV Water Heaters usually are tank models that operate on 110 volt power, propane, or both (either). Most RV water heater issues are related to ignition or leaking. In either case, our experiences RV technicians can diagnose the issue and estimate the repairs costs. On demand water heaters are gaining in popularity, and we can also upgrade your water heating system as there are direct replacements for the water heater you currently have.

RV ranges and stovetops are usually very reliable appliances, but sometimes there can be issues with leaking or pressure. Whatever the issue with your cooking appliance the technicians at Wild Mountain RV can diagnose your appliance and get you back to cooking again.


RV Microwaves, Residential Fridges, and some other appliances are not RV specific appliances and cannot be diagnosed by an RV Technician. We are able to source and replace many of these items, so if you are in need of a replacement, contact us today.

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