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RV Repair Costs
Wild Mountain RV Calgary Alberta


Trailer repair costs

Getting your RV repaired can be an intimidating process. Here at Wild Mountain RV we try to make the process as easy as possible. The following describes our procedures for repairs:

Booking your appointment:

- Click 'here' to fill out our online Customer Service Form and click 'Send Request'.

- We will contact you during business hours to arrange a drop off date and time.

- Come to Wild Mountain RV on the date of your drop off, park along the fence in our parking lot marked "RV Drop Off".

- When you arrive, come inside and our customer service staff will confirm your repair and/or maintenance items with you. Here you have an opportunities to add items from when you originally contacted us, but note** your service appointment is based on the estimated time required to complete your original items - if you add more items we may not be able to address new items at this appointment.

- You will be asked your "Need Back Date". We do not book repairs based on 'first come first serve', but rather based on this need back date. This way we can ensure our customer get their RVs back when they need them. We do this because some customers don't need their RV back for a few weeks, whereas others may have last minute emergency repairs, and we do our best to accommodate everyone. 

- If your service does not require any estimates, you will be asked to authorize the estimated services and prices.

- After you drop off your RV, our staff will tag it and park it in our secure yard.

Repair Procedure

- When your RV is scheduled for repairs, one of the technicians will bring your RV into the shop and diagnose your repairs. 

- Our customer service staff will contact you via phone, email, or text message with estimates and recommended services, and you will need to authorize the work. If authorizations are not given in a timely manner, the work may be delayed and risk being completed on your "need back date". 

- Once the work order has been completed, you will be contacted by the customer service staff and make arrangements for payment and a pickup date.

Payment and pickup

- When you arrive to pick up your RV you can pay via Debit, Credit, or Cash. Alternatively, you can pay in advance via e-transfer to .

- After payment you will be directed to pick up your RV from our secured yard. If you prefer to have us bring your RV out of the yard for you, then just ask at the front desk and one of our staff will bring it out for you to take.


With the exception of our pre-season and winterizing packages, all of Wild Mountain RV repairs are charged on an hourly basis. Most of our repair items can be estimated very accurately. Diagnosis is very difficult to estimate in advance, especially appliance and/or electrical diagnosis. Before we begin the diagnosis work, we will determine with you the amount of time you would like us to spend on the diagnosis, and if the problem cannot be determined or repaired after that amount of time, we will stop and contact you to decide on next steps. 

For extensive body repairs, we will ask you to sign an "Estimate Authorization Form". This form will itemize the repairs needed, and the prices for the repairs before we begin the work.

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