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RV Electrical Repair
Wild Mountain RV Calgary Alberta


Trailer Electrical Repair

The Electrical systems of a trailer or motorhome are very complex and should only be diagnosed and repaired by a trained RV Technician. Our technicians have extensive experience with all RV electrical issues.


See below for some additional details about Motorhome and Trailer electrical repairs.

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Motorhome Electrical Repair


If you are having issues with your RV Electrical systems, we have supplied some information below to help you get started with the repair process. 

RV Power Supply Repair

The trailer exterior electrical system consists of tail lights, clearance light, brakes, and emergency breakaway system. Most of this system is controlled by the trailer connection plug and the on board battery. Diagnosis of exterior electrical issues are often easier than other RV electrical problems. Because these systems are exposed to the elements, issues are not uncommon. To ensure towing safety, have Wild Mountain RV ensure these systems are working properly. Motorhome exterior lighting is a little more complicated. If the electrical issues are part of the frame and chassis of the motorhome, then an automotive mechanic will need to diagnose and repair your issues.

There are many things that can go wrong with an RV's interior electrical system. Some common issues include: - power converter failure - battery charging system - lighting fixtures - power to appliances - power jacks and leveling systems - 110 wiring including recepticles Diagnosing wiring issues can be complicated, and it is imposible to estimate time needed. At Wild Mountain RV we will pre-determine how much time you would like us to spend diagnosing electrical issues so you can stay within your budget for repairs.

Ensuring your RV Battery Bank is working properly is essentual to comfortable camping. At Wild Mountain RV we can: - test your batteries - upgrade your battery bank for more power - replace your batteries or battery wiring if needed

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