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Trailer Axle Repair
Wild Mountain RV Calgary Alberta


Trailer Axle Service Calgary

RV appliances are essential to a positive camping experience. Our trailed RV technicians are able to diagnose and repair all trailer appliances or motorhome appliances. At Wild Mountain RV we are committed to repairing your RV appliances so you can get back to enjoying your time in the great outdoors. RV appliances are not like home appliances, and sometimes replacement is more cost affective than repair.


See below for some additional details about Motorhome and Trailer appliance repairs.

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Trailer Bearing Repack


If you are having issues with your trailer brakes, exterior lights, emergency breakaway system, hitch coupling, have uneven tire wear, or need new tires, Wild Mountain RV can get you back on the road.

Trailer Axle Flipping

Trailer axle bearings should be serviced at least every 2 years (regardless of use). Service includes bearing repack and brake adjustment.

If you notice uneven tire wear, it is likely that your axle is bent and needs replacing. Some repair facilities can straighten axles, but often they will bend again down the road. Axle replacement is not as costly as you may think. If you need a replacement axle, contact us today.


The term "flipping axles" is often used regarding raising a trailer for more road clearance. Even though many people still use this term, trailer axles cannot be "flipped" as they are designed with a top and bottom. If your axle is located on the top of your springs, your axle can be repositioned under your springs which will raise your trailer. If the axle is already positioned below your springs, then the process is much more involved. If you are looking to raise your trailer, feel free to contact us and we can give you more information.

Most travel trailers utilize electric braking systems. The braking system is vital to safe trailer towing. At Wild Mountain RV we test your braking system's operation whenever we perform an "axle service".

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