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RV Exterior Repairs
Wild Mountain RV Calgary Alberta


Trailer Exterior Repairs

There are many reasons you could be looking for exterior RV repairs. From impact, to hail damage, to water damage, the technicians at Wild Mountain RV have extensive experience in repairing all years, makes, and models. From tent trailers to large diesel pusher motorhomes, we can fix them all!


See below for some additional details about Motorhome and Trailer appliance repairs.

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Motorhome Body Repairs


Below is just a sample of the exterior motorhome and trailer repairs we regularly perform. If you don't see your concern below, please contact us today!

Trailer Damage Repairs

Wild Mountain RV is capable of replacing any amount of damaged aluminum siding from an entire side or only a small section. We will match the colour and profile of your existing siding. These repairs require an in person estimate, so contact us today to schedule your appointment.

Hard walled RV's (including most motorhomes) are constructed with a fiberglass exterior. RV exterior walls consist of one of two types - 1. a hung wall, or 2. a bonded wall. Wild Mountain RV is capable of repairing both types of construction, but an inspection needs to be performed in order to perpare an estimate. Contact us today to book an appointment.

Leaking roofs are the #1 caust of RV water damage. 90% of the water damage we have seen starts with water entering at the roof or roof line. Most RVs are constructed with a "rubber roof". Wild Mountain RV has replaced hundreds of rubber roofs. If you need a new roof membrane, just a small section replaced, or small tears patched, let us make sure this is repaired properly for you. If the water leak caused damage to the roof decking, we are able to repair this as well. **Note - roofs seams need to be re-sealed about every 7 to 10 years (dependant on direct exposure rays to UV and the elements).

At Wild Mountain RV we are capable of repairing or replacing any door, window, or compartment door. The choice to repair or replace, usually comes down to cost and availability. We can only estimate these repairs after inspecting the RV. Call today to book an appointment.

We are able to repair any exterior item that you have concerns about. Here are just a few more items: - wheel fenders - aluminum j-wrap - lights - corner mouldings - vinyl insert (screw cover)

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